So Today there was a new survey for Sims FreePlay and I wanted to share what I wrote
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So Today there was a new survey for Sims FreePlay and I wanted to share what I wrote

Their question was, HOW CAN WE IMPROVE THE GAME?(I’m paraphrasing because I forgot the question exactly) but this is what I wrote:

 Honestly, so many things but let me try and remember a few.

1. I hate having an idea to build (for example putting lights in back of a bed or a light next to a window and a door, or a connecting balcony, or a rooftop pool) and it just can’t be done.  So I hate having building obstacles.  I want to build however I want.  Even if it’s insane.  It doesn’t matter.  This is a big reason I started playing Sims 4 because I can just put on bb.moveobjects on and whatever I want just WORKS.  All my crazy build ideas are realized.  This game has so many obstacles it gets frustrating.  And coaxing the game takes too long.  Like figuring out where to put the little frame to then build the balcony over it gets annoying.  This is my biggest gripe with this game. 

2. My second largest gripe is the interactions are soooooo boring.  At least in Sims 4 we can mod the game and make them say new things, here it’s so bland.  

3. The facial customization options are close to nil. Literally almost all sims look similar.  

4.  The max objects I can put on a lot is not enough.  I almost always build huge malls but I can’t finish them because I reach the object limit.  That’s also frustrating. 

5.  They never die! I have tried killing sims.  I have tortured them by putting them in a square room with no windows or doors and they don’t DIE! This is boring. It’s funny in the sims 4 and it makes you work harder to make them stay alive. 

Honestly when this was a pay once thing and you got a bunch of stuff it was a better game in my opinion.  I paid $10 and I got a bunch of stuff.  The games are tedious and repetitive.  It gets old. No matter how nice the objects are it gets boring.  At least before in sims mobile adventures I could steal husbands and go into people’s house to harass them.  That’s what made it funny and entertaining.  Granted I’m not a normal player, but why take that functionality away? It would make it less vanilla since most people that play are adults or teenagers.  All kids are playing Minecraft, which by the way, let’s you build however you want. No obstacles there. I play that game and I like building there a lot better.  They don’t charge extra and look how big they became. 

EA is the worst thing that ever happened to this game because I know they are the ones keeping all of the Sims games from reaching their full potential and it’s a shame.  I know you all as devs are amazing people, and I’m so grateful to the work you put into the game, but I just wish you would all quit EA and go do a sims platform game on your own.  I bet it would be a huge hit.  It really sucks you have to deal with EA.  They are just about money and have lost the ART part.  We should call them EM(oney)

Anyways I hope this helps you guys see a little about our side.  We still all love the game.  I will always love Sims Freeplay. 

Big hug….

One of your first players….I started playing in 2010! 

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